Erasing on clear coat


Detail Decepticon!
Guys I want to do some Graffiti like writing over a piece. I'll use permanent marker to do it. I plan on clearing ti first. Am i correct in thinking if I don't like some of it I can just wetsand it off? I plan on doing 2 sessions of clear so I'll bury it in under the second layer.
I wipe acrylics off clearcoat with alchohol, but thats urethane clear. Why permanent marker? I know its the rage cars motorcycles etc however it will fade. Lot of options with acrylic pens these days if your not airbrushing.
Try an test panel first, but I think it should wetsand off. Permanent markers are not ideal, as Nada said they will fade and discolour. Black for instance goes a yucky browny/purpley. i know someone who used them on a bike. It looked ok - for a little while.
Seeing that you want to do graffiti, why not use acrylic markers available from graffiti brands like Molotow and Montana. It will give much better results. And on top of a good 2k clear you will be able to wipe it off without sanding.
Scminkie also make markers you can fill with their aero paints. Liquitex have a massive range of acrylic pens - i love the colours but the tips get clogged a fair bit.
Yes, you can get markers that use the acrylic inks/paints. Golden also do them. Permanent markers, not intended for that application. Wetsand it off... maybe, depends on how many pits/imperfections are in the surface of the clear coat.
I just got a Montana black marker. .3 or .7 tip I believe. The super fine one. It's awesome! Never thought I would get that detail, pencil thin line. And it's paint so it doesn't fade