Erasing on paper?



I'm airbrushing on a piece of drawing paper, and I had some spidering issues. My question is, can you erase the excess paint with a regular pencil or clay malleable eraser, or do you have to us an electric eraser. I'm using comart and spectra TeX paints. Thank you in advance, and have a great day.
Erasing on paper can be done with regular pencil eraser , Problem is how absorbent the paper is . Sometime the paint will be trapped under the many layers of pulp papers.
I will coat the paper with a primer first to have a lock out layer for lack of a better term so erasing , scratching and other effects go easier.
I have wore and tore through paper many times when I first started just due to the nature of paper goods.
Ok. So go gently. That's what she said. Ha, she wishes. Is there a specific primer?
Try using poster board also as an alternative to paper, its still pretty cheap but will erase really well without to much damage, best of luck and yes go gently LOL
I agree with Rebel, poster board is a great, inexpensive way to work on your erasing technique. Just make sure you get the kind that has a smooth semi-glossy surface on one side. I've used the type Wal-Mart carries. I asked VisualRealm about the poster board he uses in his paintings and it's about the same stuff but he gets his from Fred Meyer.
Yer the shiny side can do some awesome stuff with contrast and white..But matt side safer LOL I think I pay around $1.00 a A1 Sheet and generally cut it in half..Is a good practice alternative.
Thank you everyone! I will do my best to make you proud.
As all have said, as long as the paint does not get absorbed, it can be erased. Triplex board is a cheap one but it is also easy for the paint to spider because of the gloss.