Erasing problems




I'm playing around with several erasing techniques, but i'm struggling to get it right.

I've tested erasing with hard and soft pencil erasers , a normal eraser(half red, half blue) and an electric eraser.

I've tested it on schoellehammer 4g board and sprayed it from very light layers to a bit thicker with different paints, but it's hardly erasable whatever I try.

I used golden, trident, createx illustration and etac efx.
I've tried mixing it with water and the brand's reducers or combinations.

Etac can only be erased when it's the second layer, first layer erases very hard.
The best result i get by using illustration, but i'm far from pleased with this result.

When i look at videos, for example portaits made by froschin, then he's erasing which such ease, the paint flies off the paper by just loooking at it it seems.

What am i doing wrong? Do i first have to prep the board or paper with some sort of varnish first or are there other tricks i'm not aware of?
How are other forum members doing this?

Thanks for your help!
Gr, Remco
I use the same g4 board with etac and it erases very easily. It all depends on the coverage of your paint an of course if it is erasable paint in the first place. I can only speak for the efx, trident and created illustration. As I said etac is a dream to erase, creates illustration is ok as long as you don't leave it too long trident isn't very erasable unless you are extremely light with it but even then it's not good. You don't have to prep the board and there are no tricks to it. Don't leave it too long before erasing that's all I can suggest.

What is your reduction in your colors? I use AA colors reduced 400%, 200% and 100% and it erases very easyly. Overeduced paint is much easier to erase!!!
Try a few light passes with 400% reduction(1 part paint-4 parts reducer) and u will be fine!!!
comart goes away very easily using staedtler eraser.try erasing with a white one, both the square eraser or the pencil a rule of thumb i erase everything with a white eraser.
I know with the Createx Illustration paint you can dab your eraser on a damp towel if its being stubborn. Use the re-wettable ability of it so it works for you just don't let it cure. This really work well if trying to do a tight delicate spot that the eraser may over erase.

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I'm with Ulltraz. My Com-art erases very easy on 4G paper. Are you using the correct side of the paper?