Etac EFX or Private serie??



I'am looking to order somes Etac colors to give it a try. But don't know which one to take between Private serie and EFX serie. Which is the best? I paint mainly on car Hood, helmet and harde surface who ned to be cleared coated.
Thank you!
EFX is good for illustration. Eraser techniques. It's more fragile until top coated. Private stock is better for metal , wood, shirts, shoes, host kind of stuff. Both spray equally well, just are intended for different uses.

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What's the dif fbetween both? Is both spray as good?

I have never used PS, but the EFX sprays better than any paint I've used. The EFX is generally used for Illustration purposes because it is easy to erase.
If you are planning on hard surfaces, you should go with PS, some AG Modifier and some Reduce Air.
Efx can be used on metal, but Private stock is best for the application. With the Efx a couple good coats of just the AG modifier will act as an innercoat, so solvent based cleaners can be used before the clearing process and will protect the artwork.