Etac, Etac, Etac....


Air-Valve Autobot!
I placed a second order from USAirbrush for some Etac about 10 days ago. When I received the order a free sample of reduce-air had been given to me (big plus). I had ordered a 4oz bottle of Paynes gray and some 2oz bottles of other colors. I received all 2oz bottles instead. I called the company and explained that I ordered a 4oz Paynes but only received a 2oz he apologized and told me he would send the rest immediately.
A few days later I receive a 4oz bottle of Paynes grey instead of just the 2oz he owed me plus a free 2oz bottle of blue paint. I'm not used to this kind of customer service it's really awesome. I've since read some more reviews about how great their customer service is so I just wanted to let everyone know about my wonderful experience with them. :thumbsup::D
Bill and CJ are great people :) Bill helped me back on my feet after my stroke by finding out the colors I could and could not see by telling me what colors I should mix and spray and telling him what I actually saw when I sprayed those test colors :) , CJ and I discussed the tack problems etac sometimes gives on metal and we found the solution :)
I have not tried this company yet , being a noob .That being said I use Maple airbrush threw Donna and I have to say she has been nothing but polite , helpful and very clear on answering every question I have had!
I look forward to doing buss. with Maple Airbrushing and USAirbrush as well
Good to know. I've been using coastairbrush but I like to switch it up now and then. They'll be my next order for some illustration paints. Can't erase that wicked to save my life lol