I've been researching different paint systems for the past couple of months, trying to decide what to try first. The only stuff available locally is Spectra Tex and an occasional bottle of Createx, and not quite happy with either one. So before spending a bunch of money on different paints, hoping I landed on something I liked, I started reading the forums, seeing what other people were having success with and what problems they were encountering with the different brands.

I had it narrowed down to E'tac and Wicked, and was trying to decide which sample set to order first. I'm not a "try every brand and then decide" kind of guy. I'll try one... if I like it a lot, I'll just keep using it. If I'm not very happy with it, I'll move on to the next. So just kept going back and forth and finally decided to give E'tac the first go, but still had a few questions. I ordered some paint and some of their additives and fired off a long email explaining what I was looking for in my paints and asked a few questions.

Today I got a call from the Owner, Bill. Well, actually it was someone else, who's name I don't recall, but he had a quic question about my order. I was under the impression that the white paint that came with the sample set of transparents was a tinting white, so I ordered a separate bottle of opaque white. He explained that the white and black with transparent samples were the opaque colors and he didn't want me getting that much white because of my misunderstanding.

You know, it was only a $50 order and the fact that they cared enough to call and make sure I was getting the colors I really wanted, was the first big plus on their customer service. After discussing it, I decided to keep the order as it was since I seem to go through a LOT of white. Then he explained that the shipping ended up being a little bit less than what I had paid for, so he upgrade the size of something (the white maybe?) to make up for the difference. Plus #2.

Then as I'm about to hang up with the guy, extremely pleased with the customer service I had just received, I here a voice in the background say, "Hey, let me talk to him!" and Bill gets on the line.

We had a great chat about his paints, what I am looking for, and then he offered me some tips on how to mix and thin them out for my different projects. We also spent some time discussing the AG20/50 and how that might help on a couple of different things I'll be working on and he's sending me a sample of that to play around with. He then told me of some exciting things coming up from E'tac and after 20 minutes or so, he had answered every question and concern I had, and we said our goodbyes. Plus #3.

I hope their paints are as good as the reviews say they are, because I truly want to buy my paints from a business like this. Customer service is a big thing for me and I could not be happier with E'tac.

Fingers crossed that I like their paints too, but for now, I will just have to spread the love about their customer service.

Thanks Bill, and can't wait to try the paints.


That sounds really great about their customer service. And i only heard good things about the paints from people that have used it, so i guess you made a good choice trying them out.