European Ab stores

LOL, love the name "Spraypal"

There are other European AB shops here on the forum, but it would be nice to have them all in one place for easy reference.
And when you shop at spraypal you can use paypal :)

I saw that it was one or two more, but it took me i while to find in the forum. i think it is good to collect it to one place.
Ok here are the 2 shops from germany that i buy most of my stuff
Airbrush4you - Airbrush | Airbrushpistolen | Airbrushfarben | Airbrushsets | Airbrushhalter | Airbrushbücher | Airbrushvideos | Airbrushkompressoren | Airbrushmagazine

This is supposed to be about the biggest airbrush shop in europe some people say, not sure if its true lol. But they have a excelent service and Frank the owner is
also a great airbrush artist that can help you out with about every question you have. They also do calsses there and international artists like Marissa, Daniel Power
and so on are giving classes in their halls.

Airbrush City
Startseite • Webshop

But have to say from airbrush city i always bought from their ebay shop mostly.
This is my favourite store:
Fast delivery and great service....

Yep. Absolutely great store. They go beyond where other shops go to help their customers. There is also a booth where you can actually try an airbrush before buying it. They have materials for regular airbrush, custom paint, nail- and tattoo artists and the staff is very knowledgeable. They also do repairs, either in the shop or they contact the manufacturer if major repairs are needed. From the on-line shop they ship internationally and they have a Dutch and English version of their site. WHen visiting them recently they showed me a Colani robot-airbrush that one of their customers built...
Don't forget Lion-Art Home. I like the dutch shops, I can understand them even here in South Africa.

The Dutch also understand Afrikaans. I have many friends from RSA in Facebook who are involved with writing poetry and I think Afrikaans is better suited than Dutch to express oneself in a creative way. It is less 'zakelijk', more playful.
Well, many Dutch people don't either. It is excellently suited for lawyers and politicians and other types of criminals.
Did my first order from airbrush4you yesterday, i am hoping for fast deliverys

Depends where you are located i think. Im in germany and usualy when i oreder they are sending it out the next day and one day later i have it.
But it also happend 1 or 2 times theat it took them 2 days to send the stuff out when they are super busy there. I think if you live outside of germany
you would have to add 2 or 3 more days, but that depends on the postage team then. I once sent a package to my ex girlfriend to holland, and the
stupid post sent the package accidently to france and then from france to holland lol, it took almost 2 weeks to arrive.
Ok yes from monday to friday is kinda the normal time frame that you would think that it takes from Italy to sweden.
I consider 4 days still as fast from one country to another, but the 12 hours still amaze me that your iwata took :)
Oh yes. i did not belive it at first, not until i opened it :p
but the shipping cost is 18e a little bit high i think . atleast for a 4day delivery, for 12hour delivery i can pay it. :)
Yes 18 Euros is alot, if i ever order something there i wait till i get some stuff together so the shipping costs come in again.
I seen some airbrushes and stuff are cheaper there as in germany, but if i just order a airbrush plus the 18 Euro shipping
im already over the german price again.
Im not much of a web shopper since i like to support the local specialized retailers, when i know i can get great personal support back, but looking at these prices really struck me!

Comparing the (given example) "Airbrush Iwata High Performance Plus HP BP" at Spraypal -VS- a norwegian webshop makes a bit of a leap!
€165 vs €364 over here.. Ok so I sure will have to pay and Duty fees to get it over the border, but still i believe its not getting close. Starts me wonder if i missed something..

Anyways, thanx all for linking great shops, and may there be more to come :)

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