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ordered some parts from these on 30th December , there website stated they were closed till the 5th January .
Well the postie turned up at 9am this morning with my goodies.
Being a new customer I also got a 10% discount code to use, they were already competive on price and this made them the cheapest option.
Cheapest isn't normally the best but on this occasion I couldnt be any more pleased.
Would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to buy some gear, just remember to create an account and they will email you a code to use
I've used them quite a few times as well and has always received great service. It's something that South African online shop still need to learn.
I've used these guys too, they are great guys, unfortunately though they have stopped doing some of the stuff I use. But would definitely recommend them for great service!
I used them recently for a Daniel Powers DVD bundle 1 + 2. Prompt delivery, well packaged. 1 of the discs wasn't working properly so I sent it back, they checked it and said they would send a new 1. Should arrive tomorrow 17th April. Very good service anyway. Highly recommend them.
Everything airbrush is my regular source for H&S stuff. Never let me down. Tim who owns the store is a really service minded and nice guy. Thunbs up!!

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