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I needed a diaphragm and stem for one of my Super63s. I looked on eBay, none. There were a couple listings by Everythingairbrush in the UK that I saw. I know that EverythingAB is the place to get Aerograph/DeVilbiss parts. I contacted them through eBay and heard back from Tim. He explained the ordering process.

I ordered two diaphragms and stems (to have a spare), a fine line nozzle and two fine line needles off of their website. I placed my order around 5:30 am on a Friday. They were in my mailbox the following Tuesday. 4 days from the UK to Pittsburgh. Incredible!

I don't know when I will need more parts but I will not hesitate to purchase more from them again.
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Air-Valve Autobot!
I like how Tim operates. I've ordered may items from him. He is my H&S spares guy. Huge selection and prompt service.