Experiment with OIL PAINTS



Well, it was really hard to control oil paints! Maby because it is too heavy and settling down too fast. Also the smell of terpentine was much harder than just painting with brushes. But the richness and deepness of colors make me feel happy. If any one has experience airbrushing with oil paints and know some tricks how to make it perfect for airbrushing, please share some advises:)


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so you have been spraying oils through your airbrush.....? don't envy you cleaning that buddy
Cleaning is easy with terpentine.

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Hope you are wearing a spray mask when doing this.
The piece came out very nice. oil base paints .....Weber Turpenoid - BLICK art materials works better than turpentine, Depending on what oil based paint you are using sometime mineral spirits can be used too.