Experimenting with heat transfers



I recently designed and completed an airbrushed Monarch butterfly tie dyed tee-shirt, embellished with a few tiny gem stones that I placed on the antennas and one on a compound eye. But the way I made it was first I designed an image on the computer and printed out a heat transfer. I then cut out the butterfly image and ironed it on to the shirt. I then fixed up the background a bit since I had a few pencil marks showing with airbrushed flowers. I then airbrushed the colours on the transfer image by stages. I noised that covering certain parts with frisket or what ever I had on hand was a mistake so I just painted over the spots where the paint peeled with a traditional brush and then airbrushed again.
Then I blasted the transfer image with a few shots of clear coat waiting till each layer dried. Later I'm going to carefully heat set the whole tee-shirt. Over all the shirt looks great. Should I worry when trying to heat set over the transfer and with all the work I did? Do you think it will get scratches on the butterfly part? :)

Thanks in advance. :)
No idea I'm afraid, but I would imagine it would be ok, do you have a little bit of heat transfer spare, and an old tee, to do a test with?
I think I do have a few "test " samples laying around. Guess I'll try those.
Thanks for the advice. :)