Extender and Reducer



Hi folks. I just purchased Javier Soto's Power Portraits. So for it's a great video. I do however have a question. What are Extenders and Reducers and what do they do and how do I know what to use?
Trans base is to create more transparency without losing viscosity. Reducer thins the paint so it sprays better. For the most part, using a little of each allows you to build your layers a little more slowly. Trans base really helps soften the colors during the tinting phase.
An airbrush extender is a colorless additive. The extender is added to colors to lighten them or make them more transparent. It can be used to reduce the amount of pigment in your paint without losing viscosity (which will happen when you keep adding water)

Reducer can vary depending on the brand with what it exactly does. In general it is used instea of water to reduce the paint and it has stuf in them to reduce tipdry and enhance flow and adhesion. They often come in slow medium and fast. This indicateds how they affect dry time (fast makes it dry faster, good when painting in a cold room, slow makes it dry slower, good when youre in a verry hot enviroment)