Fading shirts...



I have a cheap heat press, I have it set to 375, lowest temp on gun is 360.

I use Spectratex and Wicked paints.

I paint on both 50/50 and 100% and this happens to BOTH.

For example, I've painted 2 work shirts for myself. One, I painted a skull on and it didn't fade a bit on 2 washes. The second one, I had to wash tonight because my baby girl got sick and yaked on me (3 times but that's not gonna keep me from holding my daughter) So, first wash, cold only... came out faded.

I soaked the shirt REALLY good on the letters, and they weren't near as bad but the rest was a good over all fade. WTF?

Any help /suggestions etc?? Only got the photo of the first shirt that didn't fade. Sometimes they fade, sometimes they don't? Idears??


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Are ya using any sealers? Perhaps try out one and see if it helps..And what material is it on, course or fine weave stuff?
Oh and I always send out a card telling peeps to avoid machine wash, hand wash only for my stuff or its their prob LOL..Maybe a gentler wash, less detergent (have ya changed the detergent ya usually use?) I only ever hot iron mine and never have major fade issues, is it on a particular color?
Yes, I'll get a pic here in a sec of the second shirt. It is the same brand / type of shirt, should be same material. One is black, the one that faded is Tan.

Mom washed it in a new washing machine that's suppose to be "gentle" washing. She used Tide Powder. I did see a few sites last night saying to avoid POWDERS??

What aggravates me to no end is my brother and I did some shirts LONG AGO.... I mean, 15 years ago, Paasche brushes back when that was all a store carried, Createx paints and they still look great. Now, please don't tell me it was because of Createx because I never get that paint to spray good.
Here is the tan shirt. I just looked the work shirts are 65 poly 35 cotton.


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Might be becouse of the blend the poly helps keep it from srinking but might not soak up the paint as well?what are the old shirts made of?(blend?)