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Fantasy Undertones

Discussion in 'Colour Theory' started by Gwen Meridan, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Gwen Meridan

    Gwen Meridan Guest

    I'm trying to body paint a person to be blue with green undertones . I have no reference picture and try as I might I can't find anywhere on painting undertones with pictures or people, let alone how to do fantasy undertones. Examples or help of any kind is appreciated. I don't want to botch this event.
  2. haasje dutchairbrush

    haasje dutchairbrush Air-Valve Autobot! Very Likeable!

    Oct 17, 2013
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    I've never done body paint so I'll refrain from giving any technical comments (as that would be pure guess work)

    When doing something new like this where there are no references or other guides the only way to go about it realy is trail and error I think.

    I'd first start to theorise on how I'd think I'd best achieve the desired result and than make a small list of steps on how to get there.
    If during the test you see it isn't working you atleast know about where it goes wrong and you can start to think on what you'll need to do to get it right.

    Typing this it ofcourse went through my head a bit :D. Color wise I'd let go of the thought of a green undertone as in my mind that almost forces me to do that 1st :p. My first try would be to set stuff up in blue (and maybe grey for shadows/underpainting). As green in nothing more than a mix of blue an yellow you could now see if the desired green "undertone" can be achieved by gradualy layering some transparant yellow on the blue in the area's you want it. (this is purely based on my experience on paper/bikes etc, like I said I never bodypainted )

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