ferret on e-tac


Air-Valve Autobot!
ok so I tried a couple of portraits using etac and they didnot come out even close to what iv done with com art. they go on smooth and act sort of like candies. so thinking since i like them il just do some small practice flesh strips like on ab tutors flesh tutoral i dont want to give up easily this time its definitely not product its artist im just not use to rthem i did notice one thing i paint on the flat dull side of poster board and the paint seems to adsorb like water leaving hardly a trace of pigment. so tonight no painting im trying to get on a day schedule lol
ps i did try the micron with com art for the eyes awesome got detail in retinas aproc .75 inch diameter and was able with ease to paint in pupils free hand if you can afford it go with a micron sb for fine work il try to pot something tomorrow:black_eyed:
Which type of Etac are you using? I use their Private stock, almost exclusively, and couldn't be happier. I haven't experimented with any of their other products, so was just curious what you were using and getting candy effects with.
I prefer the private stock, I had a big accident with efx,
all down to personal preference tho and what you want to achieve.
if you mean big accident by accidentally touching your almost finished portrait with a slightly wet knuckle and comletly ruining it iv already been there lol cannot get etac wet period
That cause Etac is rewettable, so always be careful not touch. Also when doing fine detail make sure your pressure is low and dont wet it with paint too much cause you will burn through the paint. What i will do, say if i finish a background, i will take the AG additive they have, and give a coat over what ive already worked on. Using it as an innercoat so those accidents wont happen. Ive been there too, and its a tricky animal to get used to. Etac is more of a layering style of paint. It almost kinda forces you to paint in layers.
Being re-wettable is one of the selling points of the EFX line... its supposed to be easier to erase, and by being able to re-wet it, you can get different effects... I'm like you though... once that paint is down, I want it to stay there... period! I used to have that same issue when I used solvent paints, if I put a layer on to heavy and got a run, that run would go all the way down to the primer. HATED IT! That doesn't happen with the Private stock though... the private stock has more of the same characteristics as Wicked and Auto Air, but for my style and AB, the E'tac sprays better for me... although, I like Wicked a lot too.
I also use the private stock and love it have not used there efx yet but will end up buying it down the road I have thought about using wicked trans base as an intercoat for it due to the fact wicked is not water rewetable. The private stock has a heavy pigment to it at least from what I have noticed.
looks like private stock might be good for doing ultra fine lines with the mighty micron it should hold its strength after bring heavily reduced il look into it but for now spent enough money lol
the excrements awesome this is how i clean my gun take cup oot hold up spray bottle to opening press triggr pull back widoppen squirt bottle pit in next cupo lol 2 secondsrinse old cup out acouple of squirts wipe with paper towel
i painted an eye tonight but it didnt come out good enough to post structure was there but didnt like the colors it happens
the paint is awesome i love it and highly recommend etac