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ad fez

No I haven't started my own airline like old beardy branson (and ifi did I certainly wouldn't call lt virgin!) I have instead decided to bite the bullet and make my own compressor. ... I've decided to take a little odd the danger from it and but a brand new tank....I managed to get this jun air one for £20 so well happy there!....Next stop ordering fittings and components. ..
Day 1....Damn it can't post pic
With all the restrictions in the UK, clean air and all that " save the world" crap, might be the best idea. Here in " live free or die" NH, I just cobbled all the parts together for free, even evacuated my donor refrigerators myself, but then I am an HVACR guy.
Gooo Fezzie lol I decided to take the plunge myself, I talked to a buddy that is still in the HVAC biz and asked him to keep an eye out for a compressor for me.
Dang I was ready to book a flight on Fez air , Thought maybe while in flight we all would get a lesson in how to be as sexy as the Fezzie wink:D

I have about 5 or 10 compressor from AC units , But being my silent air compressor runs like a champ I have not thought about building one so good on ya Fez. Make sure to post pics and maybe write up a how to ..
Phew you got me worried a bit there for a minute, I too thought he'd started his own airline. The thought of fezley all dressed up in a dark blue pencil skirt white top and heels, just so he could be a trolley dolly was a bit much for this time of the day. Thanks the lord he's only making a compressor, what could go wrong?
Bloody galaxy s4 takes 4mp pictures. .. is a bugger trying to crop them down small enough to post.... anyhow2013-08-28 16.29.29.jpg
Fez air may still be a goer. .. just give me time to sort this comp out first hehe
Bloody galaxy s4 takes 4mp pictures. .. is a bugger trying to crop them down small enough to post.... anyhowView attachment 18982

Looks like a zimmer frame lol. Half your works already done, its even got the holes in the right places. On a serious note, download irfanview from the net, simple to use, resize, crop, black and white, negative, etc etc effects free download. I use it all the time. |Good luck with the comp, following this to see how easy it is, although i have a silent sim-air compressor, I might want to make another for the garage.


You'll need to start doing a bit of research on how these babies (comps) are wired up. One issue you may come across is the fact that these things have a thermal switch that stops them from restarting until a period of time has passed (in actual fact it works by cutting out the starting windings once it gets to a certain temp so as to save you electricity!) It can take between 1 -3 mins for this thermal switch to cool enough to start. That said ... so long as you have a duty cycle that say gives you 3 - 4 mins of air from your tank before the pressure switch starts everything will be OK.

I believe there is ways to get round this but didnt look at them to closely but involves changing the starter bit that plugs on to the comps teminals.

I will talk you through the stuff at KKBO.

25 Litre tank Andy..... not having used a tanked comp before I wouldn't know but I'd imagine i wouldn't blow through that much air in 3 mins or so would I ?? I'll see if I can get sparkies at work to wire it I think. ....
I used to get a good 10 mins or so out of bambi and that was a 15L tank I think! It might take a while to fill the tank as fridge jobs only blow out about 1 cfm. But you should get a good 10-15 mins worth of air from a 25L tank.
Hey sitni Thanks for that buddy this is exactly the kind of info I need. ... on the pressure switch it says 4 port.... dies it have to be 4 ports?? I will most probably be using 2 compressors. .. so do i need 2 pressure switches..... what size hoses and fittings do your recommend... should it be the same size as the outlets in my tank ( approx 10mm)
And for the electricians out there.... should the pressure switch be single twin or 3 phase???? I'm speaking another language here
Page. .. I've seen that Jason Jones page before... forgot all about it though so Thanks for sharing. .. Talla had also been good and provideda simple diagram for me to follow. ... least there will be plenty of compressors at kkbo that I can get up close and personal with.... Sorry kev. . tried to get this sutured before weekend but back to work tomorrow so it's not gonna happen. ... least we will have a spare for next year huh :0)
Fez air?? I thought it was going to be a nationwide gas mask warning for an attack of flatulence! But then I realized those farts would smell like roses anyway.
This it the one I use in the house. Hope this helps a bit.Not shore about the male to male joint ,if it is 1/4 or something else :)
2013-02-24 13.40.40a.jpg2013-02-24 13.40.10a.jpg

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