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fez air!

Discussion in 'Compressors' started by ad fez, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. wmlepage

    wmlepage Guest

    Looks nice and neat. Only thing i would add is to have your discharge tube from the compressors loop up and then back to the tank fitting. I seem to get oil carry over into my bleed line from my compressor that is above the tank. I have just been to lazy to swap to a longer piece of hose.

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  2. shadow2462

    shadow2462 Guest

    Way to go fez, now you can crank out some sweet pics now. lol:friendly_wink:
  3. Talla

    Talla Guest

    Fezzles ...

    I wouldnt bother changing the oil ... It will change itself over the coming weeks and months as you will be running a total loss system. The oil in them comps has been sealed in (and was filled for life) and will be quite clean as it has been in a closed loop system and has not (until now) been exposed to atmospheric sh*t and dust. As I said before just keep a close check on what is being caught in your mositure traps and reolace by that amount on a regular basis.

    I think you will have a job draining the oil if you still want to go down this route and you wont be able to do it without drilling some kind of hole. This will vastly increase the risk of getting swarf and bits of metal in the comp which of course you dont want to do!!!

    Oh and remember to fit an air filter (use a small car or bike crankcase breather filter and use a small bit of rubber tube to reduce the opening until you can clamp it to your input ... assuming you havent already thought about this!

  4. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    cheers guys for the info.... im ordering 2 mini air filters today that will attach to a 10mm hose.... ok i wont bother changing the oil just yet, maybe leave that for further down the road.... im gonna cut the oil lines back and place a bit of rubber pipe over them jubilee clipped on with a bung in the end for filling when i need.... i have got most of it together last night so now just need to tighten everything up, i think my compressor to tank hoses are now about 300mm long
  5. Talla

    Talla Guest

    To be quite honest the longer the hoses to the tank the more chance the oil and moisture has to condense on its way to the tank! I have even thought about using a copper coil to cool the compressed air on the way to the tank al a still style!

    Also remember most of any expelled oil will end up in your tank so drain regularly and measure any oil found (working on the principle oil and water don't mix .... usually!).

    I'm getting all excited in anticipation of this baby being run in anger for the first time ... just remember to watch that pressure gauge (preferably through binoculars at 100 metres) when commissioning the set up !
  6. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    I don't think my actual tank had a drain on it. ... something I may have to sort out huh? I've got a water trap before and after the tank. ... likewise with a check valve to
  7. Talla

    Talla Guest

    Mmmm ... Should have a drain underneath ... any bolt-y looking things on the bottom? I would not really recommend fitting your own as it would have to be welded on and that can change the properties of the metal of the tank making it more brittle! Most pressure vessels undergo some form of heat treatment after manufacture to normalise the stresses built up during welding etc (See I knew working in the offshore fabrication industry would come in useful at some point ... PWHT = Post weld heat treatment!) :triumphant:
  8. wmlepage

    wmlepage Guest

    A moisture trap before your airbrush is good too, also making sure it will separate out oils would be a good thing, I have a 2 stage unit , 1 for oil and one for moisture. Probably overkill but I gotta be me. Most of my hoses have moisture traps.

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  9. I don't need a new compressor, but after reading this thread.... damn.... now I want to build one, just to say I did it. That's a sweet set up you got going, Fez.
  10. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

  11. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    cheers wayne, i have a pistol gripfilter aswell.... wooo thats 3 in total
  12. tucky

    tucky Guest

    nothing like a wet moisture trap:beguiled:
  13. Talla

    Talla Guest

    I dont like that 'Hmmmmmmm' ... its too long and makes me think you might have done something you wish you hadn't! Tell me I'm wrong?
  14. WhiteKnight

    WhiteKnight Code Dragon Slayer Staff Member Admin

    Jan 5, 2013
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    Quebec, Canada
    Don't want to contradict you Andy, but if the fridge compressors are the same in the UK as in America, the oil as a strong odor and can be replaced by ordinary mineral oil found in pharmacy, no holes needs to be drilled you only need to tilt the compressor, the oil will exit from the input lines (this will take a couple of minutes and you will need to tilt the motor almost upside down).

    If you are careful and recover the oil drained in a measuring cup, you will know the amount of new oil to add, and just need to put it in a container, put a tube from the input to the container and start the compressor, it will suck the new oil in. If there are two input lines, you can block the other one with your finger so it increases the suction on the line in the container, and your done :)
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  15. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

  16. tucky

    tucky Guest

    great video.....on you tube that is...ha ha ha excrementty ebay compressor.. im not laughing at your compressor, im laughing at what you have written below your avatar... about your compressor,, sorry man
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  17. jagardn

    jagardn Airbrush Acquisition Disorder Patient Forum Supporter

    Jan 4, 2013
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    Sarasota FL
    Nice work man!
    I hate my voice on video too, you sound sophisticated, I sound like a monotone version of Barry White.
    I thought about building my own, but after all the work involved, it seemed easier for me to spend $710 on a Sil Air. LOL
  18. tucky

    tucky Guest

    lol you lucky bastards... at least you have the skills to build your own compressor.. that is something great......a feeling of independence
  19. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    not so much the skills..... i got an electrician at work to wire the 2 comps together.... and a plumber just overlooked the copper work and made sure stuff was air tight.... you could do this whole thing with compression fittings just like i have on the blue nylon tube.... so simple... screw the nipple coupler (oooeeeer) in to the port.... screw in check valve screw in compression fitting, push in hose... pretty simple connections and can even be done by a "sophisticated monotone moron" like me hehehe.
  20. tucky

    tucky Guest

    you sound good man....

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