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fez air!

Discussion in 'Compressors' started by ad fez, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. tucky

    tucky Guest

    Bummer dude. But for future reference, if your gonna fornicate your compressor,, be sure to wear a comdom.
  2. Smiler65

    Smiler65 Guest

    Sorry to hear that, have you cooked both motors?
    I'll have a look round and see what I can find for you.

    If you've got a job that needs finishing your welcome to borrow mine until yours is sorted.

    Try your local tip or scrap yard for fridges, if you need a hand to swap them out or anything give me a shout.
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  3. ad fez

    ad fez Guest

    Good shout there smiler i suppose I could just change the motors..... only one has gone but the other is on its way, as mentioned the tank didn't have a drain on it and I think oil and moisture had started to work its way in to the tank a little.... ...... For your i I'm formation guys,....... They are fridge motors in the same style as a Jun air or bambi compressor, i used bostitch compressor oil and almost immediately the oil started to get creamy and foam up, a problem I had not encountered when i was just running it on the oil originally in the motor.
    Hmmm i will have a look, see if i can twist some arms for xmas, got my family (parents brothers) mrs ' mum and dad plus my Mrs between them they might be able to get us a nice shiny bambi. Then could use my old one for spares/ emergency when i do exactly the same thing with the bambi heheh
  4. Smiler65

    Smiler65 Guest

    One should get you through, but will run more often.
    Disconnect the cooked one so its not trying to run it
    But first get that crap oil out of the good one and replace it with some decent stuff , local compressor shop should stock it,then hooefully that will last a bit longer.
  5. Smiler65

    Smiler65 Guest

    Buy the way putting a water drain on your tank wont be that hard.

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