Figure 8.




I just threw in the figure 8 into my practice schedul. When I was watching you do the figure 8, it looks like you are just flicking your hand around in circles quickly. Are you actually doing little figure 8s? Or are you doing some sort of shortcut? I'll post some practice sheets for you tomorrow to see if I'm actually doing it right. Should I start out doing them bigger and then get smaller as I go?
hey Drobbins, sorry for my late reply mate - yeah you do start out doing figure 8's - and if you can't keep doing that then your texture will turn out perfect.
You'll find however, that the more you practise the texture and the faster you become at it - it becomes more randomised, but it is still a figure 8 texture.. just pull back ever so slightly on the trigger and see the result you get with figure 8's. practise is the key to this.. i think all up you should be doing a good job after about 2 hours practise? I should make another exercise sheet of this...
are you double actioning every single figure 8??? or just parts of each figure 8?
Lol - i am learning this too and i know exactly what your getting at - how do you keep spraying in a figure of 8 - i can get maybe a line and then i start doing almost anything but a figure 8 - rofl. I find a figure 8 on its side continues much longer but no matter what method i use i dont see any texture develop as of yet. I have sprayed 2X A3 sheets so far in small sized textures but no two parts look the same lol. I also am finding the daggers extremely hard especially going up and down where i seem to wibble like bill!! The other tut printouts are helping me alot - the dots (AB air and media adjustment control) the blends (intensity and scale control) and the lines (start and stop on the determined line) and i hope the results from weeks of these excercises will show in my work!! Thanks for the lessons

PS - R U an Android???

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Is this what it should look like. I'm still doin one 8 at a time. I did it in white(the figure 8). And then went back over with black. This is the best result I've had so far.

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PS - R U an Android???

@D master Robbins - Ken oath mate.
That's perfect - 100% figure 8.. the top pic looks like great figure 8. did you get faster as you practised?

@bam bam - No double actioning my fleeting friend, just keep the air down and never stop moving the airbrush.. the faster you get, the less your figure 8's will look like figure 8's, you're just trying to overlap figure 8's and it turns out like a randomised pattern:) check out Drobbins pics - that's how it should look:)
Bam Bam, it took me about a month to figure out the figure 8. I'm still not as fast as Mitch, but I got faster as I went. I just started clustering them one by one and it started to look like what Mitch was doing on the video.

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