Fiiiiiine lines, crispppppy edges



So quick questions. When airbrushing or painting over stickers or fine line tape or just generally masking is it better to do light coats then press down your mask again in esteem each coat or to just go with a thick wet coat first shot. What way is better to stop bleeding of paint under your mask? I think me laying down a heavy quick coat could be why my lines arnt crissssspy and bleed. Any input?

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Are you talking about laying out like a pinstripe line or just in general when masking a painting?
Mainly if I mask it is to just lay in the area to be paint with a light coat so I have a guide to go by. Then free hand it so you have no hard tape lines to mess with.
airbrush paints do not like a heavy hand build your paint up. and as the micron says the more paint you lay down the harder it is to get rid of ledges You also need to use a decent mask or tape on a properly prepped surface. If you are shooting a rough surface you are going to need to play around with teqnique
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Why are you painting over stickers?
You should have removed them first and cleaned up the residue.
Ive been told to start light and build your color to what you want , you can always add paint but its hard to get rid of it. if using a stencil keep the gun square to the stencil for a clean line.dont know about stickers sorry.