Find myself in a new improved situation



I have had some changes in my finances and it has kind of given me a different prespective on which airbrush/airbrushes I should be thinking about. Due to this I am wanting to make sure I am understanding some things. Assuming a skilled artist is using the brush with acrylics and the same air pressure.

A long taper on a small needle & nozzle will most likely produce sharper thiner lines than a short taper with a medium to large needle & nozzle. While quite possibly having more problems with tip dry. But the shorter taper and larger needle & nozzle will handle thicker paints, possibly small flakes and be less likely to have tip dry.

The longer taper will provide a smoother trigger transition as the trigger is opened to increase paint flow.

Am I correct so far?

Won't the longer taper do a better job of atomizing to smaller drops of paint?

A side feed brush will need a higher psi to atomize as well as a gravity feed but not as high of a psi as a bottom feed?

Would a side feed like a Renegade Spirit w/0.33 needle, Iwata Eclipse HP SBS w/0.35 needle or Omni 6000 Side Feed w/0.5mm needle all produce about the same quality of atomization? If not why?

Thanks in advance