fine lines become indistinct



I've been trying to spray fine lines with my Harbor Freight airbrush (.35 needle)

I noticed the lines are good when first sprayed, about the same as a sharp pencil line, but after about 10 -15 sec they seem a bit indistinct, just a bit wider and blurry.

Is the cheap printer paper I'm practicing with absorbing/bleeding the paint and making the line less crisp or does it sound as if I have my paint too thin?

I'm using cheap Craftsmart acrylic paint thinned with tap water, no ratio just added water until it looked about the consistency of skim milk, air pressure set at 20psi shooting about 15psi.

I tried using a plastic coated paper plate figuring the paint wouldn't be absorbed but the paint just got blown away leaving what looked like a highlight in the middle of a spidered dot.

Does better quality paper help with keeping the lines sharp?

Thanks, Jim
I would say yes, it has a lot to do with paper quality. When I painted on paper, it would always absorb through the paper and wrinkle it up. Go to walmart and get a piece of poster board (make sure its the kind with the glossy side on one side) and cut it into pieces. I got 16 5"x7" pieces that I'm painting on or you could do about 4 8"x10" sheets if you wanted something bigger.