finely my first dragon eye



finely finish with my dragon eye i am satisfied with it but i know there is allot of mistakes that i can do better in future, but i am happy still :beguiled: sorry the first was not clear so i put one more lol
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looks great. I have one that I want to so, the ref is very dark,and the detail is crazy. Been getting a few things out of the way first, kind of a warm up.
nice control.. great job . thanks for sharing and keep up the good work Make sure you keep some of your art close so you can watch yourself grow
thanks all i am glad it come out so good as it did , yes KO i put all on the wall so i can see what i done and what i can make better and so on now i am on to plan my next art and some more that will be later on :watermelon:
Alf, that looks great. If you want to push your limit a little further, shade the bottom and the bottom of the ride side of each scale (assuming your light source is from the top left) to give the 3d effect
Your detail really looks good and I agree with Patch, you should push just a little more out of your AB and see what happens.
love the fine lines my line come out to dark
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I have the same reference slated to be done soon. Working on another dragon currently. Squishy got me into dragons with the eye she did a couple months back. Great job.

That dragon eye is really good, I'm liking that :)
What the guys above said about shading the scales, this is my tip which I use:
Print out a picture of what you have done and use that to practice on and then there is no danger of spoiling the original and it will give you a preview of how it could look. I have done some things real-time and didn't like the way it turned out ....
Might be of use to you
thanks i will do that i was thinking of to shade but i was afraid to ruin it so that is a good tip and i can see and try in many different ways
Alf :tan: