Finer needles?



Where can I find decently priced needles for my Iwata Neo airbrush? I have the one that it came with currently, believe it is 0.35. Is there finer ones than this? If so, where can I buy them? I have seen needles all over the place, but they don't state that they will fit this specific airbrush. Thanks, please let me know.
You can get parts here. Iwata Neo Parts ( CN/BCN )

It should be a .35 if you have the Gravity Feed. You need to worry about getting control of your current brush before even attempting anything with a smaller nozzle.
I don't think the NEO is able to change needles and nozzles, it is an entry level airbrush.
i agree with jag on this one its like i saw another airbrush artist the other day saying he wanted a micron in the mean time he has a krome and i havent seen him do anything fine detail or fine lines at all wait til your doing realistic eyes almost close to life size . i would honestly look up the airbrush feather video and practice lots and lots of feathers thain when your real good and you can do a 2 inch portrait thain your ready for the fine detail guns