First 3 eye attempts


Young Tutorling
So after a couple days of working on the ABT control worksheets, I decided to give the eye exercise a shot. Here are my first 3 attempts using Comart transparent black straight from the bottle. Shot through a Badger Krome at approx 8 psi.


Things I've learned:
1) I really have to force myself to slow down. Somewhat with the amount of paint I lay down per pass, but mostly my hand movements themselves. I find that I move the brush fast enough to where the movement gets out of sync with my trigger finger.
2) I'm getting better at blends, but that's partially because I keep going darker to cover up mistakes. hehe. That's the main reason why the 3rd attempt is so dark.
3) I suck at eye lashes, but I'm slowly getting better.
4) I've got a ton of stuff to learn, but I'm really enjoying it!

If you got any pointers, tips, constructive critisisms, etc. Hit me with 'em! But other than the control exercise worksheets, These are the first three paintings I've ever made with an airbrush, so keep that in mind when it comes to the criticism part. lol.

Hi Steve - good work to start with :)
what AB are you using? what is the nozzle size?
I would suggest reducing com art, some people here go as far as 20 parts reducer to 1 part paint. but play around with that, and keep that low psi when reduced. that way the dark layers take a little longer to build up and it gives you a little more control. You could also get some com art medium for this.
Something else I am learning is to paint what i see, not what I think should be there - that for me is the most difficult hurdle to deal with. talking to myself again :) - practice practice practice :) dots and daggers (which I dont do often enough )
you are not alone with the eyelashes - some guys here use hairy brushes - its not a crime :) but do the dagger strokes on practice eyelashes :)