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Hey! im just giving my two cents on a starter airbrush for beginners and anyone that wants a good all around airbrush. i was one who started out with a cheap harbor freight airbrush that was like $12 and it is just all i had to start with because i was curious about airbrushing from watching shows like trick my truck. it worked for what i wanted but it wasnt great. I then moved to a Master brand and it was better but it wasnt the best either. So i finally just broke down and bought and Iwata Hp-cs. it is by far the best airbrush i have had. it will do the job you want to do and it will never disappoint. i have had it for 5 years and still havent had problems. i have bought needles and tips, but from own fault.

SO! in my opinion if you want a good workhorse airbrush, i would try the Iwata hp-cs. i think it is pretty great! you wont be dissapointed!
Can't go wrong with an iwata I certainly have my fair share. I also want to add a really good starter brush that is both decent and cheap is a Vega 2000 it was made by thayer chandler but I think paasche may have taken over. Its around 40 bucks and can get pretty tight for a siphon feed. And it'll take s beating while being extremely forgiving. U can also get different size tips and needles for it so check it out.

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I always recomend for a first airbrush to get an eclipse and then from there you can work into more expensive ABs. If you don't like ABing you can always sell it and get almost all your money back thats the advantage of buying quality tools. I did that 3 years ago bought three iwata spray guns 2 iwata lph400's one orange cap one silver cap and a lph 440 for clear sold them on ebay because wasn't painting enough large projects to justify them and got more than what I paid for them. Granted Iwata spray guns had jumped in cost from the previous year.
Hi guys. I have just bought my first airbrush. It's the badger renegade krome. Now on the pictures for the air brush it says renegade on the side of the ab, but on mine it says velocity krome on the side, have I been sent the wrong ab?
renegade is the series it is I have a renegade velocity not the krome edition which you have it is a pimped out version so to say it has more features
Everybody loves the eclipse lol, how is it compared to a patriot?
I have the Patriot and its a damn fine brush. I can do hairlines with it for fine detailing or you can empty the cup in about 2 seconds if you need to cover something fast! Very versatile brush! I have my Badger Krome for all my fine detailing, and they both are excellent brushes and easy on the pocket book, I would recommend them to anyone, especially starting out. The Patriot you can catch on sales sometimes for around 69 bucks, I caught my Krome on sale and stole it at 97 bucks!!! I havent seen a brush on the market that can give you the detail and comfort of the Krome for such a low price!!!! Well worth the money!
I know everyone says the eclipse is a great starter brush, (and it is), but although I'm aiming for a micron one day, I don't think I'll ever not have this brush. I love it, and when it loves me back, as it 99% does, it does everything I ask and more, it does awesome detail work, yet covers larger areas too without being patchy. Just wish I'd had the sense to make it my starter brush and not waste my money on knock offs and the dagr.
I'm a Badger man LOL, recently have tried out the Patriot and would highly reccomend it as a great starting brush, have an older eclipse as well and in comparrison they are on par though I like the feel of the Badger a little more but I am biased and it is newer LOL. Interesting reading the initial post to the thread, hopefully it shows other beginners out there that sometimes if you want quality its better of starting with quality instead of gradually getting there as previous "cheaper" guns have moved aside to a quality gun..It really does make a fair difference to your painting though there's no harm in just getting what you can to initially get going...
Just getting into airbrushing and need to get everything. Any advice on getting a kit or going piece by piece
As a starter, I reckon that you can't past the Badger 150-7 as it's 3 airbrushes in one - it comes with all 3 sizes of needles/tips (fine, medium & large combinations).
I usualy recommend the Iwata Eclipse as a beginner airbrush, but if you need to save some more money then the Badgers are really great too. If you need a small compressor see to get
at least one of the small airbrush compressors with a tank so the air is not pulsating. If noise is no issue then just get a normal big compressor that you use for tools, just make sure it has a watertrap
installed. And if money doesnt matter at all then you can get a Silent Air airbrush compressor that works with a refrigerator aggregate. They are very good and really silent.
You can have a look what kind of kits are available where you live and then you can post a link in here and ask the people for their opinion.
Just getting into airbrushing and need to get everything. Any advice on getting a kit or going piece by piece

Kind of depends on what you want to paint, but as a rule of thumb, buy the best airbrush you can afford, go for a brand name, (cheap ones are generally not well made, and you could get frustrated with your progress not realising the badly made brush is holding you back) and as you are starting out I would suggest one that is that is an all rounder (mentioned before that the iwata hp cs is very versatile, but there are other types and other brands that people like for different reasons.). If you are painting things with a large surface area you might prefer a siphon fed brush as they can hold more paint, (Mitch has a thread at the moment that talks about the merits of a siphon fed brush or a gravity fed brush which you should check out.) I prefer gravity. If you get the chance, try holding some different type of brushes to make sure you are comfortable with them.

Paints...again depends on what you want to do, and whether you want water based or eurothane (I would go for water based to avoid ventilation issues) But I use Wicked paints as again they are versatile and suited to virtually any surface. If you aren't sure just buy black and a reducer to get a feel for it. Then later add white and red, yellow, blue you can mix almost any colour from that. If you aren't sure opaque = a paint that covers things up, and will reach it's colour density and then won't go any darker/deeper. Translucent = a paint that allows the layer beneath to show and will get darker/ more intense the mare layers you apply. Favourite brands are Com art, spectratex, E'tac, Wicked.

Compressor, make sure it has a tank or else it will run constantly, and if you are likely to annoy anyone with noise get a whisper type. If it is second hand make sure it has a working safety cut off valve (or else major kabooms all round), and do an oil check/change and empty out any water. You will need a pressure regulator, water trap, and a connector to join your airbrush to your compressor hose, (will depend on your airbrush choice).

All you need after that (if I haven't forgotten anything) is something to paint on. Print out Mitch's practise sheets, those excercises will drive you mad but ultimately save you months of headaches. Good luck!
so i got my first airbrush and it is a Master brand from ebay... i am still learning with it and getting into it alot. I am having some flow issues and the spray pattern seems to be flat instead of round and the flow of the paint ( wicked water base ) is kinda hard to dial in. My question is I was looking at a iwata eclipse HP-CS. Does a quality airbrush make a huge difference? I mean I know it does obviously but a beginner is it worth the extra money