First AIRBRUSHTUTOR worksheets!



Hey guys! I finally tried out the worksheets that mitch created. I don't think that they turned out well. But like all of you say "practice,practice,practice" . I would really appreciate any tips on how to create straight lines.As you can see in the dagger stroke paper my lines are horrendous.

Your worksheets are not as bad as you might think, i think no one had better ones when doing them the first times :) .
And about the straight lines, they will come with more practice and skills. My first lines looked totaly crooked , now i can pull a faily straight line.
Some people mentiond it helps not to look at your line directly, look ahead of it where it should end. That way it will be more straight automaticly.

Keep it up and you will notice very soon that you improve alot.
Stranger said it all about not watching your line, but also the speed you paint the line at can help, move the brush quickly. It's hard to ride a bike in a straight line going slowly, and it's the same with the brush. Going faster should help with any wibbles
Thanks for the input guys! What I plan on doing with airbrushing will require a lot of straight lines!
Hi Kev - good to see you using these worksheets:) you're doing well - dots look good, perfect control, lines look good, i think you need to move a little faster, which you're capable of - blends looking good to but i think you should practise these a little more. Good blends are the most important effect for creating realism down the line. As confucious say
All airbrush realism come from ability to perform great airbrush blend
Pretty sure that's the translation anyway..
Thanks A.T. , I will print out some more of the lines and blends worksheets and do those till i feel pleased with them and then I will post them on the forum to see if they are any better.
Just got my work area done, new airbrush showed up, regulator dialed down and I am ready to paint. I have done a ton of research and thanks to AirbrushTutors videos and since joining this forum I found the confidence to jump in. I have all of the worksheets downloaded but I dread posting them for sure. I sprayed my first lines last night and although I had fun it was rough and created a ton of questions. All of which so far I have found searching here. Correcting PSI, reducer, spray faster slower, this paint that paint. LOVE IT ALL.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone I see contributing to beginners here. I am one and feel I am in the right place.!
good man, tljbcrew wish you luck......there is a possibility everything you do today could be terrible you paint might not flow, or it splatters everywhere etc etc......but see it all as positive, this is a learning curve and do long as you sony give up you will progress.....definitely post your pictures no matter how bad, newbies always get a response and development points.....we like to see the progress
Thanks a lot ad fez. That's the great part about this forum, everything I read everyone is very helpful. Looking forward to posting my progress and getting over some of those rookie hurdles. Ohhh yes the spatters, I see those a lot. No give up in this guy. I have always been fascinated with airbrushing. Inside I am hoping my families history with art will pass down to me. We'll see. Thanks again
Got to airbrushtutor to find work sheets. Refer to the vids [youtube] on how to use them.
Let us know how you're progressing, after all we have all been there as well!
i think your practice sheet its weight better then mine ... 3rd one whats the name of that effect? blending?? its a good one
HI GUYS i'm another newbee and would like to see these work sheet but can't find them can someone point me in the right direction.This is my second post in the first i complained about my cheap chinese airbrushes and all the trouble i was having with them. They have now been replaced with iwata neo for my learning curve and i can't believe the differance they have make. Love the articals on this site and find them very helpful
Thanks Heaps
They look a lot better then my first shot at it keep practicing!