First attempt - looking for feedback



... at something other than dots and lines (because I got bored)

Ignore the tear in the middle of the paper - I did it removing the paper from the wall - also i didn't completely finish as i ran out of ink, and then also needed to go out.

(painted with a 0.5 iwata eclipse BCS and wicked paints)

I am still playing around with air pressures and reductions - one of the most difficult bits I am finding is ensuring that I work AWAY from the surface as with normal pencil drawing i tend to get in quite close

Anyway - open for comments and suggestions before I start a new one

P.S. I know I screwed up the eyelashes - lots more practice needed for those
First attempt is outstanding. You have seen where your mistakes are and know you need more practice time. But you are still coming along really good and it shows that you do have an eye for detail.
Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing your next go .
Heaps better than my first attempts!
I can't give you any advice other than keep painting.
Shoot, first time with a .5 setup and just black......... You are gonna be good my friend. As micron said, you already know what need to be worked on and you stated how to fix it, time is your answer :)

Looks really good for a first go at it. Once you get the control down your work will only get better. Your dagger strokes and blends already look pretty good. You can definitely see you have been working on your basics. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Thanks for the replies - I have had a bit of a chance to practice a bit more...

Eye 2 - still struggling with the eyelashes

Eye 3 - getting better with the eyelashes - I realised I was trying to complete the strokes too quickly... slowing down made it much easier. I am still playing with getting my reducer/paint/pressure ratios correct.


Over spray detail - I am still struggling with overspray - I have tried reducing my air pressure however even at the lowest working pressure I seem to struggle with this. Short of masking off areas (and it then looks obvious with hard lines) is there anything that I can try to reduce this?

overspray detail.JPG
Good work on the eyes.
They look really good.
I, too, struggle with overspray.
On the last eye I did I managed to reduce the overspray on the iris quite a lot by spraying the outline of the highlight close to the artwork while holding the airbrush at an angle that directed the overspray onto the black area.
Not sure if this is the correct way to do this but it sort of worked for me.
Looks great for your first attempt!!!! very nice shading and lines. I agree with everyone else, you know where your lacking, if you're not pleased with the eyelashes, start out with 5 pages of dagger strokes, boring.....yes.....does it help.....hell yeah! Im still no master at daggers but if I know I will be doing daggers that night, I definitely do several daggers before I even attempt them on my substrate!!! Youred doing a hell of a job though, your shading looks outstanding!!! You got the grasp of it, put in those hours practicing and you'll see a huge difference quick!!! Props man, nice job