First Compressor- For Aircraft models, RC Planes and Clearcoat



I've found two compressors after hunting for a while. Getting these things online in India isn't quite an option.

The first one is one of the generic desktop mini compressors without a tank. Kinda looks like the Iwata Smart/Sprint Jet.

The second looks like the sears craftsman horizontal compressor. In fact it looks like the gmc compressor thats there on the airbrush tutor website where the compressor article is there. I can't post links here since I haven't posted enough.
This one's oiled, has an 8 litre tank, 1HP, max 115 psi.
Can this be used for fine airbrushing?

So I have to choose between an oilless, tankless one and an oiled one with a tank.

I'll be using it to paint plastic models, rc plane bodies, and maybe clearcoat my guitar sometime in the future.
My main question is will I be able to paint small model planes with the oiled compressor. I'm leaning towards that since it has a tank.
Noise isn't REALLY a problem.
You can use any compressor at all, as long as you have a water trap, the correct size fittings and can regulate the pressure.
Go the tanked one if noise ain't an issue..The silent Mini type ones are fine if noise is an issue but there a bugger for spraying more water than air at times :)
Either one will do ya fine if ya only planning on using it for short stints doing modelling base coats and such..GL
Got the tanked one and a nameless airbrush. It looks like a cross between an airbrush and a gun. Comes with 3 size cups. The hose I bought seems a wee bit larger than the connector on the brush.