first eye and earth rise


pretty old tutorling
Hi guys,this is my very first eye, what is plain to see.
once again i found total lack of skills i should have practice the last two weeks or so.


blending is poor and lines are too. and strokes....well...

ANY comment is very welcome, even about strokes... ;)

this one i did last week or so to keep me brushing (i need this playing around, need something to look at as a result)
Hi Kjukju - what I am still learning and working on is patience :) what this means is actually slowly building up your dark colours. Ie - reduce your black (darks) substantially so that when you paint you are actually painting many layers to get to the darkness you want. this also gives you the opportunity to correct any mistakes made.

otherwise - it looks good :)
Looks like you are coming along fine...if you get real bored with lines, dots, ect. you can practice shading and fades using simple kids coloring books. The key is to keep finding ways to try new things and still be productive....even if you learn 1 new thing a week it is worth the time spent.