First impression procon boy ps-270 Mr. Hobby GSI Creos


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Mr. Hobby GSI Creos Procon boy ps-270.
This thing has more names and titles than the Queen of england.

The case is just some cheapo hard plastic case
But the foam insert is nice. Its a hard foam on top over soft foam on bottom. Holds everything nicely in place but its very easy to pull out.

Comes with a little cleaning brush set although that was outside of the box in the package so that may just be a little extra from spraygunner. With the stiff sharp hard metal wires that stick out of the end of these suckers and the rather large diameter I don't think these things are going anywhere near my brush.


The finish is beautiful! very very near flawless except for the trigger stem, a bit of visible machining marks . The cap is actually a satin chrome finish unlike the rest of the brush. The inside of the cup and the area the needle passes over couldn't be much smoother without actually being polished to a shine.
Same goes for the needle!


The nozzle protrudes ever so slightly from the air cap and is well centered. It can look very slightly off in the pic from shadows or angle, tried my best. But looking through a 10x loupe I couldn't see any issue. The gap between air cap and nozzle is super tiny.

19700126_224732.jpg 19700126_224544.jpg 19700126_225350.jpg

The order of the day for removing the head.... 11mm wrench.
It's a 3 hole head and the first thing I notice after removing it is the little bits of magic marker thats been cut away at the end of the stem, ,inside the head near the holes, and in the brush body on the face of it. To me this indicates some very precise machining going on. Basically you machine the parts until theres no detectable flaws with standard measuring equipment, then stain it with a magic marker and take your final super light passes until at least 50% is gone. This tells you it's basically accurate to within roughly the film thickness of a permanent marker, whatever that is.... It's really thin i'll say that. You can make metal to metal sealing surfaces with no need for a gasket at that level.
19700126_224807.jpg 19700126_224949.jpg

The trigger and chuck and spring have a light coat of some kind of super slick lube on them.
The rocker moves very smoothly on the chuck with no catchy spots like the chinese stuff or the krome had.
All of the threading on this is smoother as well. The trigger has a little quirk. If you notice theres a little cutaway "dent" on one side of the stem. It would be very easy to install backwards. So easy in fact that it was backwards when i got it. Which caused the trigger to rise up and un-trigger the air slightly near the end of the trigger pull. That divot needs to go to the rear.

So how does it feel and paint?
The air valve spring was a little catchy at first but smoothed out after being used. The MAC valve was really tight feeling all the way out the first time i unscrewed it but it smoothed right out after being moved through its range once. The trigger still has a little quirk. Installed correctly the back end of the top actually hits the brush body in the last maybe 5% of the trigger pull. The trigger is super smooth ,a little smoother and good bit less sloppy than the krome. Trigger spring is very soft but consistent. Air valve spring is probably just a touch stiff in relation to the trigger spring if that makes sense. It's very light compared to the krome and feels quite dainty. I do find myself using the Mac valve as a forward, second hand grip because it feels so dainty.

All the refernces to the krome are compared to the .21 setup
It takes a lot more reduction than the krome and yet is still almost blowout proof even at higher psi. I suspect it's because of the teeny gap between the needle and air cap. The lines are much cleaner and the atomization much better than the krome. Goes out to a bit wider spray pattern than the krome. Fades are softer, probably because of the higher reduction it favors. Control is better though it does have a spot in the trigger pull where the amount of paint jumps up a little abruptly at about 2-3mm of pull. I get almost as small of lines that are much cleaner. This will probably get even smaller as I figure out reductions since i can hold those lines and paint a hairline a a couple of laps around the perimeter of A4 paper with no problem.

20171102_205903 (1).jpg
So far what do I think about It?
It's absolutely fantastic!!
Any complaints.....The trigger could be about .030" or .75mm taller though i'm rarely at 95 to 100% trigger pull so it's not a huge deal.

Id like to know what this chart Is talking about on the upper left...... this is on the back of the box.
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I should add. The head was screwed on just barely tighter than i could loosen with my fingers. Which in my mind is just about right for any smallish precision stuff. So this looked good on the quality as well.


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Wow looks like a nice airbrush, and sounds well manufactured too. How much was it?


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90 bucks? sweet! $30 was spent printing the name on the box lol. I'd love to know what a Procon Boy is.


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Yeah I just didnt throw any up there cuz you can see better pics then I can take on amazon. Theyve got some good shots of it, and they have that little zoom in bubble.

If that works that's mine. I'm still not sure if these links work when i am logged in.
Theres also a .3 version (289) both with and without mac valves.
I steered clear of the other versions because they either had fixed heads or spray gunner didnt offer parts specicically for it.


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And i'd toss the whole hose setup that comes with these. It's propietary and looks very similar to bagder but is close enough to easily end up cross threading your badger stuff if you accidentally tried to use it.
And if you have no badger stuff well , Either way it's junk.


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One other note i kind of missed. The spraying distance I can do those super thin lines at is probably 2-3 times as far from the paper as the krome.


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It's almost perfect ...for me. Other than that one abrupt jump i mentioned. That may clear up though as I either figure out the reductions better or it gets a little "break-in". I really don't know yet


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And props to spraygunner. I ordered this from them through amazon because for some reason its $20 less that way but they shipped it out like Right Meow!