[SOLVED] First mural ever



Hi i wanted to do a mural about 4meters on 2meters now the first coating is on it with latex paint but now its the rest where i need help i normaly use golden airbrush medium with the rich ab-300 now how do i start can i do it with the golden paint or do i need graffiti paint after when its finished do i have to put on a clearcoat or not ?its a project i gone start next summer
Friendly regards bjorn
PS:sorry for the bad english
Hi, Bjorn.
Firstly, you did not say what kind of paint you normally use or what sort of medium [paper, canvas etc] you wish to do this mural on?
As for the cleas coat, if you intend to preserve the colours as you laid them down, I would definately clear coat [ acrylic, maybe ?] the finished project.
You also have not mentioned the subject [not that it matters!] or a reference pic.
for the area you describe, I'd probably go for a hvlp spray gun and 1 - 1.3 nozzle and needle for the background and then do the detail with my "normal" airbrush.
I'm sure someone (Madbrush, maybe?} will add to this.
hi splasha
the paint i use is golden or shmincke areocolor the mural i want to do was meant to be on a outside wall. the subject is probably a leopard with the aditional background tree bushes and rock (its for the mother in law ) so i think i have everything
grtz bjorn

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Sorry it's been a while to get back to you, bjorn.
Sounds to me like what you're after is a hvlp spray gun for the background colour areas.
Seal the area first with acrylic primer, draw in the detail areas and away you go.
Would really like to see the completed work.
Have fun!
I made one mural during the decades that I have been airbrushing many years ago. The surface is wood that had been given a latex coat. The wall is the backside of an outdoor podium and it is outside - there's a roof above it, but no surrounding walls. Wind an rain can reach it, but it has held up for years now. I used Createx, because that what was available at the time and sprayed it right on top of the latex. I must say years later the painting is still good.
Hi daemon

using graffiti paint on such a large surface is going to save you a LOT of time, there are slightly different tricks to that type of painting that I am not fully aware of, but what I do know is that you can still use the rattle can paint in an airbrush for your details. (you just spray into the paint cup) - be careful there because the spray can spray and splatter and make a bit of a mess, AND you will need to get the right reducer/cleaner for the rattle can paint (Molotow uses acetone) AND be extra carefull when cleaning with acetone it is very aggressive and will damage any rubber o'rings left in it.

I also believe - especially if you are doing this inside, that you wouldn't need to clear-coat the Molotow graffiti paint, you could just spray right over it with the acrylics. the only difficulty there is the colour matching.
hope this helps, please ask for more info if you need :)

edit - I am busy with an outside wall in our garden (fairies etc) and will post some pics soon in WIP.