First Post - Thanks 4 the Tutorial



Hello, I would really like to express my appreciation for this web page, it has help alot.

I took a airbrush class a couple of years ago, but busy at work and coudn't find the time to practice. However, now I have made the time and am excited to begin where I left off.

The first thing i did was create an airbrush space where it's no hassle to set up and paint. In the corner, opposite my tv and computer, I built shelves and set up an essal. Made the shelves in a L shape so I could hang a sheet to catch the over spray.

For the last week, I have been reading many posts, and watched the tutorials. I have sprayed more dots, shading lines, and dagger strokes then I care to admit.

I am using a Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS. I got the conversion kit, so i am using the .35mm needle. Got a Craftsman 125 psi, 3/4 HP, 4 gallon compressor. Got creatix paints. With the help I have found on here, I have learned to strain the paint to prevent clogs and mix my own reducer - cleaner. Thank You again it helps.

Getting ready to paint some eyeballs lol. I registered so I could see others paintings and they are very inspiring. I am looking forward to learn. Thank you one more time. : )
Hello and welcome aboard, make sure to post some of your attempts on the forum here :)
Welcome, sounds like you have come prepared. Enjoy the ride!
Welcome to the forum and hope to see some work soon!! Sounds like you are ready to get down :)

Thank you for the warm welcome. : ) Having a blast airbrushing again.
Welcome to the dysfunctional family that lives here on the Orange airbrush forum :)