First Submission

For ya first go at it not to bad.
May I suggest ya watch Steve Leahy live feed on FB pretty much every Monday at 6 (it might be 7 I am not sure what time zone yer on.But Steve does a lot of cars and super small to boot. But I find his chrome work amazing.

Oh and who doesn't love Weird Al

Hey when ya can get weird Al and Alice Cooper together what can ya say LMAO
Nice job Karl. That’s a much better effort than my early stuff lol. I’m glad your liking the Wicked paint, it’s likely a better fit for you than the Createx Colour line. Nowadays that’s more for painting T Shirts, which doesn’t mean you can’t use it, just that there’s maybe som easier paint to work with. You clearly get the fundamentals too which is awesome. Some good advice I got early on was to play with some transparent base, particularly if you’re using black. Because it reduces the opacity of the paint it takes a lot more passes to darken, so it’s a little easier to avoid going too dark too soon.
You’re well on the way Dude. Nice going.
Thanks again, Si!

I've got some much earlier stuff that I'm sure would make you run in fear, but I will save you from that. In the last few weeks, I have learned quite a bit regarding values, subtractive method, etc. I hope to up my game a little. Time will tell.

BTW, don't go too dark too early has become my mantra. I hope I can get my brain to listen.
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Subtractive is fun..... add some paint, remove some, add some paint, remove some
It's an element of control, which is something I think I was missing in the beginning. Knowing that what you lay down doesn't have to be permanent along with being able to create highlights that don't involve dumping white on everything is a game changer. I plan on using it. It adds time, but also adds depth. I'm willing to give up the time.
I don’t think any of us were brave enough in the beginning, or we didn’t know it was a thing to do.
It certainly lifts the art to another level. If you want to see it to good effect, lay down some hair, (different darkness lines) erase with a blade, in lines, some close together, some further apart,some thick/thin, lay down some more paint, do some more erasing repeat until your happy :)
Erasing can be a really useful tool. It’s something I avoided at the beginning because I felt I didn’t want to complicate things further. But it’s great that you’ve dived straight in with it, I wish I had earlier.
Oh and don’t go too dark too soon s so thing I still have to remind myself regularly. It still doesn’t always work lol, but it works more often than it used to, so that’s progress.
what could possible happen around here that could be misunderstood ? we do fine until @Squishy and Lady Charlie turn up lol

put paint in, push the button and paint comes out, that's the limit of its magic !

Misunderstood??? I understand completely! This thread is called "First submission" I appreciate someone submissive. What's misunderstood about that?

If you want to post your work and have me tell you what to do, that works for me. I could also maybe give airbrushing advice too. :whistling::D
Looks like you're doing great! I would say protect your highlights, watch your over spray and maybe reduce a little more - lower pressure to suit (also help with any overspray) and build layers for a smoother finish and more subtle blends/fades. Then watch your tonal values. It does t always work out, but I find if I match the darkest tone first and get that in, I know everything from that point has to be lighter, and helps stop going too dark in other areas. It's all just tweaking. On a roll!