first time using airbrush today - question?



Hey, used my airbrush today for the first time...sweet!, put in black ink and sprayed a few lines, dots and did my When I went to take off the black ink bottle a drop of black ink fell out of the metal connector. Should this happen? I did empty the gun by spraying air only until all the black disappeared. Then I put on a bottle of metho and sprayed that into the sink under running water..geez that stuff stinks...any way to disguise the smell - don't want to get chucked out of the markets if people complaining of metho smell!

p.s. could I dilute the metho with water, if so what ratio?

Cheers, Jane
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Hi Jane, I spray either into a bottle with a filter (andreZA gave it to me) - simple to make, or I spray into toilet paper so that I can see if the nozzle is cleaner.
there will always be paint in the system, but you could back flush before you take the bottle off, that generally saves a few drops of paint, but more importantly helps clean the system :)
back flushing - pinch the nozzle carefully between fingers so that when you turn the air on (press trigger) the air goes back into the cup - be careful that the whole cup doesn't get blown off.
lol. will backflush next time. I have a siphon feed, but will make sure bottle doesn't fly Have ordered an Iwata cleaning station so that should take care of the smell of the metholated spirits.