First time using solvent base paints


Air-Valve Autobot!
I need advices on using solvent based paints , until now I just use water base paints

I know that I must stand away from water and that I must use a respirator mask

There is another main difference that I must know to avoid complications ?

Advices are welcome and apreciated
I know it could be obvious - but my first mistake was to use plastic containers for holding some of the colours - lost a bit of paint that way - the solvent eats some plastics.
with an enamel i used the paint took a little longer to dry than I was used to.
the surfaces also need decent preparation -

But I am by no means an expert and look forward to reading what others will add :)
always make sure you wash your hands before starting!! Grease is you number one enemy!!! always use a tack rag too!! really other than that its like any other type. I think they are way easier than any other type. you will do fine, im sure of it!
Same rule applies as far as consistency, thin down until it has the consistency of skimmed milk.
be aware that the solvent can attack the needle so ensure you clean the airbrush, then when happy flush through with hot soapy water followed by plain water.
Place the tip of the AB against some tissue paper and blow through with air until dry.

I don't know the names of plastic that this type of paint will attack but if you have plastic milk bottles, you'll find the tops are very susceptible and will melt