first try with frisket


pretty old tutorling
since i'm still working hard on my dots, i tried some working with frisket tape.
i thought this could be easy enough for me, but i managed finally to spoil it.
Its the name of my little niece, therefore the colours :)

any feedback welcome
Well for me, I hate lettering, and suck at it (lol), so I think you did a great job!! I like the chrome attempt!!
Nice job looks question what is frisket tape is that a brand of masking tape or a whole different thing
Frisket is not masking tape. Masking tape can be used as a mask and I guess the company Frisk makes masking tape but frisket film is a clear sticky backed type of mask used to protect areas of a painting while still being able to see the work underneath. Being clear it allows you to cut out sections once placed on top of the painting to expose an area for manipulations...
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Cool got it kinda a like s-tac low tac paper just a different brand name
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