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Here are the pics of how i went about the scales on the rainbow trout i painted.

First is a grey base sprayed down in the areas where the scales with be. Then through a small gauge piece of mesh i sprayed a dusting of white to create my uniformed scale pattern. Also in the pic shows the start of the white i laid in freehand to build in the scales and to build the saturation up of each individual scale and also to create depth.
ab rainbow trout 003.JPG

Then did the entire area with white to give it more of a scale effect. Just freehanded each individual scale. Which took awhile lol A lot easier to probably erase them in and less time consuming. But the white did give it a shiny sort of effect with different intensities of white in random scales throughout.
Ab rainbow trout 003.JPG

Then dusted it with an over reduced grey. Came back with the white and highlighted random scales and added my shadows. Which are a little dark, but hey it was my first year of airbrushing when i did this lol
AB rainbow trout 009.JPG

Then added the spots in and added my colors.
Ab rainbow trout 3 003.JPG

And lastly i used my white again to reestablish a few highlights in the scales for effect to give them a sort of shiny look. Then added the highlights of the water in its back and called it done!
ab rainbow trout done 009.JPG

Hope this helps a bit also to anyone else that needs an idea of how to go about it! Been awhile since i did this and cant believe i remember all the steps i did lol Makes me want to do another to see the erasing approach on it!
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That's awesome, thanks!
It looks like you laid down a darker gray or reduced black before putting on the mesh. Is that right? I guess that was the base color of the body?
Ooops I wrote that in wrong. Good catch! (no pun intended) Lol I edited the original post so now it reads the steps correctly. It is late and im tired but i wanted to answer your question for you lol
Awesome little SBS mate with some really great advice......real good to be seeing your work again my friend, it's been missed:thumbsup:
Yeah and i even stayed up past my bedtime to write this out Lol Just kiddin, anything to help out a fellow member!

I wish this was a recent paint flinging, but this was done 5 months into my airbrushing career. Herb you should remember this as it was one of my first posts here and you commented on it LOL Some fresh paint should be flyin today though!