Fish tank air pump ???? For low pressure micron use .. Quiet


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I remember andre comenting about how his micron would work if he hung the air hose out the window on a breezy day so I dont have the money yet to go out and buy an expencive compressor and i was thinking of my past working in pet shops some of the air pumps are prety large and can move a lot of air i was thinking i could get some braided hose and use pipe fittings or pcv to make a small reservoir to cushion the pulsing efect and have a small quiet air source to move small quantities of air . i could get a tank of compressed air but if te landlord sees me coming in the house with a tank she might have a fit so the aquarium pump might solve my problem . its Christmas day she has a house full of guests and i cant paint there having christmas dinner right above me and i dont want to even try pushing my luck with the vibrating noisy aspire compressor. best thing i supose to do is just go to the pet shop and check out the pumps tomorrow when everything is back to normal
most of the time i work with my micron from 5 to 15 psi 10 is good enough to get decent paint flow and aquarium pumps are ment to run non stop
They are diaphragm driven, pulsation would more than likely be a major problem.
thats why i said i could use a bit of pipe to make a small tank like a two inch diameter 2 inch long nipple and a couple of pipe caps with half inch or so openingg bushins or whatever it takes just need a bit of a tank for cushioning the pulsation heck a water trap would do two 1 inch pcv caps ant a 4 inch pcv tube with the caps drilled 1/8 inch to thread in 2 nipples braided hose would be over kill aquarium line would work
Interesting idea, but I have doubts about getting rid of the pulsation. I hope I'm wrong, that would be great. Let us know how it turns out.
They're not designed for the sort of back pressure you'd get when your trigger isn't open, it's designed for free flowing air with minimal resistance. You'd be better off saving some cash and getting a silent compressor that uses the fridge motor

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yea i was thinking the same il have to wait til I get to florida i am so angry right now that this woman moved me to the base ment and she can hear any little noise coming from my room i feel like air brushing any way and justtelling her tough but i dont want to deal with fighting hope i still want to air brush when i am free man hope fully soon
Some things are worth the wait. Don't go upsetting the landlady just yet !!
Wouldn't it make more sense to just get an old scuba tank or comp tank and fill it up at the local garage. others here have have mentioned this before for use during power outages, I would imagine if you filled it up to 60 or more psi, you could get a good couple of hours work in at 5 to 10 psi with your micron.
there lies one minor issue getting it in and out wo her seeing it . but its somethiing to look into even a co2 tank i think the nazi is sleeping upstairs tonight i could paint but im just sick of worying about her il wait til she goes to work tomorrow i tried filling a 5 gallon tank at the gas station and it lasted a couple of seconds lol