fixed my micron cmsb cup


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cat.jpgcmsb cup 2.jpgcmsb cup1.jpg so all this talk about using aztek color cups and the more expensive micron cups i thought i wood have to post this here. I actually accidentally broke my micron cmsb cup i had a clog and i was using a ball peen hammer to fix it and the tube came out of the cup on one of the swings lmfao ... had you going didnt i. what actually ha-pend was the cup might ave accidentally been installed to tight after it fell out once or twice when I was inn a foul over caffeinated mood. either that or the thin metal just gave out over extreme usage. so none of the aztec cups broke yet and i cant afford a new cup so i used a torch solder and unscrewed the bottom to clean out all the dried paint re soldered it and with some luck i avoided clogging the micro hole inside the cup with solder thank god. I didnt want to fix it with epoxy now its better thain new.
just wanted to point out something i dont like about the aztek cups is that there a pain in the but to clean because there sleeved other thain that they are prety good and cheap but they do last
thanks i tested it it works plus theirs ample flow so i know it didn't get clogged with solder. that was my fear .although i do need a nbew fluid head in the loop you can see a very small fracture it goes down the side of the nozzle stil works but right now my krome is doing beter Thain the micron
Good to know you manage to fix it. But you kept very quiet about breaking it. :joyous:
I know also I was using it broken for a long time this happened a while ago I had to place the tube in the cup and line up the holes to get it to work. It worked fine. the only thing was it was a pain in the but to take the cup out and clean i had to use a pair of needle nose if i pulled the cup it would come off the tube still stuck in the gun. One problem i have with the aztek cupt is they come in two pieces it takes to long to clean them i like to move quick . the reasonb why I never tried to solder the cup long ago was I knew the solder would seep into the tinny openings for the paint. which it did on the first go thain I realized the bottom of the cup unscrews ..Duh so even if it does get clogged a super tinny drill bit going through the tube could clean it out . anyway I heated the thing up ang got the extra solder out put it together just used a torch on low and a super tiny drop of solder now its fine. Its a pleasure using the cup again now if i could afford a new fluid head and needle . i would normally just buy the nozzle I dont care about the matched head assy thing i think thats just a sales pitch. I cant see a room full of guys with micro scopes tweaking these things the airbrush would cost 1000 dollars lol i want the fluid head cause i want the old one for my franken brush experiments.