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Hi everyone this has probably been covered before. Anyway iv been airbrushing for about 3 week now and I was doing my first portraIt of my younglings. Was going along pretty good until I noticed a big paint smudge on my art work tried to fix it and made a mess of it !! So do I start again or is it fixable ?IMAG0301.jpgIMAG0302.jpg
I don't mind starting again as it's all a learning curve but if it happens again would love to know how to fix it to be honest i thought I would mess it up as my experience with an airbrush is a lil limited
Thank you for any advice
I’ve been there…. many times lol

I’m sure there are many, many methods for fixing errors. Personally I decide if I can get away with it in such a way that it’s not noticeable (i.e. create the image over the smudge so it's no longer noticeable). Otherwise I use an eraser (which ever eraser does the job) to remove the smudge then I blend in the spot again. If it’s a bad one I’ll erase the whole area, if I can. Re-blending the area is the key and good blending skills are needed here.

But I’m still learning lots about airbrushing myself so I’m keen to know of any other tips or tricks too :) i hope this helps some
That does help thanks. Iv decided to start again as my attempt to fix it actually screwed up the illustration board but next time I think I will go with the blending
that's cool. i've had to start again many times. it will take trial and error to figure out what works for you and when :) ....i'm still figuring it out lol
i would love to help you but unfortunately i have never made a mistake in my life...... i thought i had once..... but i was wrong
I'm am the opposite of fezzles, I always mess up Lol! Learning how to fix mistakes is as important as learning any other AB technique I think. First of all, I have a good swear Lol then maybe try erasing, I've only just started using erasing techniques so would gently try that. Usually though I would just match the colour of the surface I'm painting on (much easier if it's white or black lol) and paint over the mistake. It may take a couple of layers to cover, and you need to gradually fade out the edges into the rest of the painting, so that when you repaint the area it blends seamlessly and you don't get any marks, lines or edges. It's definitely worth practicing covering up things, especially for me. Even if I don't make a mistake I'll do something stupid like put a fingerprint somewhere or something.
Covering is my method as well. It can be tricky when using transparents. I may not completely cover the area. Might just take some opaque white and a drop of the smoke or sepia I'm using and try to lighten the tone. Color shift is inevitable in this case and can be hard to hid as well.

Transparent is unforgiving. Like painting with candies. A botch only gets more pronounced the more you try to hide it. Your eye will become more attuned to the tone differences in time and when you see something going south. Stop. Don't touch it just work another area and see if it will come in line.
I also just looked closer at the picture (using phone ATM) and your overall tone is pretty light right now. I think it would blend as you progress. Just leave that area alone.

I try to finish everything I start just to see where it ends up. I have been airbrushing for 3 or so years so I'm not perfect by any stretch and I figure if something ever goes perfect I will surely be struck by a meteor.
Thanks for the help everyone. I probably should of asked this question on here before I attempted to fix it haha. I think blending it out would of been the best option.
Thanks heaps everyone
No one caught the statement that you only been airbrushing 3 weeks. Holy Crap! Your good.
No one caught the statement that you only been airbrushing 3 weeks. Holy Crap! Your good.

Lol yeah. I thought it was the painting that was worked on for 3 weeks. You catch on fast.
Spent about 6hrs on it. Was my fault for being careless this is my first portrait besides the Cameron tutorial Mitch put up. So it's no big deal that I screwed it up it's all a learning curve. So iv started again and lets see if I can screw this one up lol
airbrush artists dont make mistakes they just change their? mind,looked great,can't wait to see whats next.