flakes how to?

Where do we start ,you can add flake to your clear coat and then build the clear up so that it is covered followed by a flatt n polish .You can also use a flake in a dry flake gun and lay over a tacky clear coat . The choice is yours .
Just want to add to ferrets advice, that you need to make sure your clear is completely flat before you attampt to flat n polish. You can't rub back the flake, it will go black, and be completely ruined.
Cheers Squishy i knew i forgot to add something ,its old age setting in according to my grandchildren lol .
you can also put the flakes into a transparent basecoat - that way the clear gives you another layer of protection.
It also means that you can shift the color of the flake in the same layer. i would recommend doing it this way but it doesn't make much of a difference at the end of the day - if you want a good finish you'll have to rub back your clear once or twice anyway where you'll get the opportunity to add color/ design anyway..
that flake buster stuff looks like an awesome invention.. but i wouldn't recommended masking up a clear coat.. you'd get a dreadful edge on the paint!:apologetic:
I looked at the flake buster a while ago, but it seems pretty expensive. I was wondering if you could use one of the mini sandblaster/eraser guns instead, or would the flake be too big?
Squishy , i have used a cheap old 1.8mm needle primer gun to dust flakes on with or drill out the nozzle on a old air brush .