flamming skull practice and need some more input



DSCN2521.jpgI am attempting to improve on my last flaming skull. I made an easel from 2X4 ripped down to size. It is nice to have a stable place to work on.
I used a 8and 1/2 x11 piece of printer paper for my canvas. and acryllic paint with NEO. I bought a set of french curves for the flames. any input would be appreciated. Thanks, bentoadDSCN2515.jpg


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Ben, my recommrndations are to practise a bit more on strokes lines dots etc.

It looks like u lack it a bit, and look out with going fast, the colors look rather smudgy n dirty, wich with more carefulness wouldn't have happend.

The skull is ok, focus on shading a bit more, there are almost no lines at all in a skull, just soft and harsh shadows.

The flames ; first freehand the flames and then stecill sharp spots.
i also recommend practicing on something other than printer paper, maybe something a little bigger, flames and skulls are no easy thing to do for a beginner, it \look like you do not have control of your airbrush and there is not much you can do other than practice the recommended exercise posted by mitch in his turorial, and if your gonna paint on model airplanes and you want it quick, you should buy some stencil , skulls , flames and so on. but keep practicing , thats all we can do until we reach a desired goal
I'm still learning too, but one thing I really found that helped (after some great advice on this forum) was using smaller curves for the hot spots in the flames. The flow of the fire is mainly free hand, and then using the stencils to make those hot spots pop. Then I also found that going in with black (or whatever your background color is) and just hitting a few of the darker spots will help cover the over spray and sharpen the edges a bit. I'm sure you'll get much better advice from those that have been doing it longer than me, but as I'm practicing it to, those are a couple of things that I found that helped me.
Hey Ben I do want to start off and say great work just keep practising and you'll get there. Looks like u have a great start just watch some videos and get control of that airbrush

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