Fluorescent colors on plastics, and coated cf


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I am trying to get my helicoptercanopys a little bit more visible and have one practice canopy.
it is black from the beginning and i want to cover it with 2 different fluorescent colors, yellow/orange , the colors i have is Auto-Air.

They just don't want to cover the black, i guess i have sprayed at least 4 layers and thicker than i should, but the black lights true.

Some questions.

Do i need to spray any other paint first to make it cover?

Is the colourchoice Auto-Air a bad choice?

At this stage och my ab knowledge it will just be simple colouring no shadows and stuff but sometime i will try to do more advanced painting
and like i do it now it will take years to make it cover.
Easy fix Base coat White and than cover with the fluorescent ,
Auto air is a great paint But the Fluorescent colors should be sprayed on a light color to make them really pop and be seen.
Simon, I agree with Herb on the basecoat. Another option for the base coat is Krylon Fusion rattle can. It is made for plastic, I used it as a basecoat on a batting helmet. Just scuff the plastic to remove any shine, clean then spray the Fusion on. With the fusion, make sure you let it cure for at least 24 hours.
I did a test with the fusion, sprayed on a peice of plastic, let sit for 12 hours, i could scratch the paint off with my fingernail. Waited another 12 hours, (24hrs total) tried scratching paint off with fingernail again, paint was solid as can be.
Just another option to think about.
To add to Herb's advice. If you mix a pastel colored basecoat that matches the flourescent color (white plus a little of whatever flourescent color you plan to spray) you'll get better coverage with the flourescent using less paint. Doing it this way also keeps the flourescent from fading as bad over time.
Tanks i will try that, just ordered som paint. Half Price In germany, Sweden is expensive.

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