Fluorescent paint question



Hello first post here. I've been airbrushing a couple years now privately with an interest in eventually doing work for others. My interests/styles include steamp-punk, anatomy, fantasy, wildlife, kustom kulture, custom auto/moto work ect. I also apologize ahead of time because I tend to very long winded.

Well, in a couple weeks I'm having a party for holloween and I'm brain-storming for ideas on decorating. If I can make a good excuse to get the airbrush out (been to busy to paint much this year) I'd like to paint something for this party. Usually we have it in a pole barn which I cover the walls of with black plastic sheeting and then, using cheap brushes and some fluorescent paint, paint some quick rough 'things' on it. Mostly it's never been anything spectacular rather just to set the mood with some black lights. However, this year I'd like to make some more interesting mural type graphics yet still keep it relatively quick and cheap.

So I'm looking for some suggestions on fluorescent paints to use through an airbrush and also some ideas on cheap substrates to paint on that may hold the paint better than black plastic yet still be cheap to throw away after the party is done.

Maybe 1/4" plywood with black rustoleum base may have to do it?
Sounds like you need some WICKED UV glow Coast Airbrush Products you can even mix it to WICKED colors so with the lights on it will look one way but under black light watch out...LOL
Paint up some pumpkins , ghost coming off the walls whatever. some really trick work coming out of that stuff,
Just use 1/4 plywood and roll the paint on. than paint your art work. witches house with ghouls coming out, make up an entrance and have it painted up to look like your walking to a huge skull. so much you can do.

Oh and welcome to the forum...
Welcome aboard seems like Mr. micron answered with what I would have said but you could also use sheets to paint on also then you could pack them up for next year.
Welcome to the forum, sound like you have one kick ass party!!!!! Are we invited??? Lol!!! Anyway sounds like micron has you covered on some ideas. Be sure to post pics when your done, and you better hurry, lol!!

^ Right, I know, lol. I figure I'll do a little every year until an entire wall is done.

thanks for the ideas and the greetings. I didn't think of sheets. Only thing about that is all the paint/fixative that would soak up....do like the ability to remove it. At this time I just use the barn for storage mostly. I'm thinking maybe cutting 4X8 sheets of 1/4" plywood to fit between the posts of the frame and that way I don't loose the space for hanging shovels and junk. lol

Next year hopefully I can get a earlier start. Be kinda neat to make a few custom painted gourds for the first couple people who show up too.

I'm gonna check that UV WIcked paint. I have a ton of Wicked in my studio, I just never heard of the UV paint. Sounds like fun!