Hello all. I'm new to all of this and going to pick up my first airbrush this week. I need to do a little more research before I start slinging paint though. A few questions I hope to find answers too this week are how to clear out the brush before another color is added, what should I clean the brush with when doing color changes, what should I use to reduce the paints, do I need multiple sized needles, is the iwata eclipse a good brush to start with, what brand inks should I use to start off for painting on paper/cardboard/wood/canvas, what video camera and airbrush does Mitch use on his tutorials. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go but for now that's what I need to figure out to get started. I have to say I'm pretty excited to get this going.

Mitch, I have to say your videos are awesome! You are an outstanding instructor/mentor. Not everyone can keep the attention of those looking to learn something, even if they are interested in it, but u have managed to grasp that and excel. You also are an extremely good artist, and your work reflects your skill, dedication, and love of the arts. Look forward to more tutorials. Thanks!
hey there, you,ll find all the answers you seek here, welcome
Good morning and welcome from a very wet and windy Uk, join in the fun and you will learn from the get go, happy AB'ing:)
I can't give you the RIGHT answers but to get you rolling i can mention a few things that I do that might help.
Firstly dont worry at all about changing your needle unless it gets damaged (bent).
I use 'createx wicked color' paint but regular createx paint is perfect. (dont forget a good reducer to thin the paint down, createx do their own).
iwata airbrushes are great so if you look after it, it will look after you.
I used to use 'Air brush cleaner' to clean my airbrush but then i discovered mr muscle glass cleaner, so thats what i use now.
In between colors i...First clean out the left over paint with a wet j cloth (don't use a tissue because the fibers could clog you up, i learnt this the hard way) wash through some cleaner until your spraying clear. wash the cleaner out then with water by simply spraying water through. Then when you can't see any paint in the paint cup and its spraying clean, put the new color in.

Most importantly: don't feel surprised of how difficult or alien it feels to airbrush for the first time, you'll pick it up just stick with it.

Hope this helps, theres plenty of nice people on this forum that will answer any other questions you might have. Welcome!
Thanks Thomas! That helped a lot.

Well tomorrow my big compressor is being delivered, woohoo! Guess I'm kinda going about this a little ass backwards but after I thought about it for a bit, I needed to go this route. So I'm setting up my garage with a husky 60gal 220v compressor and 1/2" plumbing kit by rapidair. Of course I'll regulate down to smaller at the outlets. I pretty much have everything to get the air ran, just need more time off from work to get it all hooked up. I needed the compressor for working on bikes and figured I could also use it for airbrush work. So I got a decent regulator/filter to plumb inline and I'm also going to install another regulator by my big workbench. Figure I'll do most of my airbrushing out in garage. Next I will buy the airbrush, paints, and anything else needed (after I pay a couple of tickets I got a couple of weeks ago haha) to start my trial and error period. Once I get it all up and running I'll post some pics. I will probably buy a small compressor to put inside in my office so when I don't feel like being in the hot ass garage I'll just go inside haha. Thanks again and look forward to swapping some war stories. Oh and also figured this route would be better in case I decide to try my hand at painting motorcycle parts. Already have drawn my schematics for a portable/temporary paint booth that I can collapse against my garage wall out of the way and then will take about 5-10 min to set it up for paint work. I can't wait haha, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning....
Welcome to the forum
Thomas, doesn't Mr Muscle G.C take the chrome off inside the cup?
Welcome Fng. Well you think your excited now, you just wait till you start sprayin' OOOOH YEAH! Man it's great to just paint!
Thanks all or the greetings

Red baron, haha yea I can't wait. Honestly it's been killing me to hold off from buying everything now but I have to take care of the legal issues first, don't want to be drawing on white handkerchiefs with bars for a view haha. I've used various mediums but never airbrushing. I need to hit that lotto haha
Fng trust me, we have ALOT of fng's on here and I am included. You will not find another site like it. Jump in and have a good time. Best part is it's international and has some of the best artists around. All willing to help regardless of your talent level.