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If you don't own a projector or not sure how to enlarge an image and keep it proportional this is an easy and quick way to do that. Measure an inch or smaller on you image vertically and horizontally across the page. Then measure on the wall or larger piece you want to put your art but increase your measurements to what will fit. 1 inch will measure 6 inches for example and pick one square at a time and draw what you see lightly.006.jpgHope this helps
Just to add to this cut an inch square out of the middle of a post card with an xacto knife so u only see the 1 square u are trying to replicate at a time

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Good point. Much easier to paint what you see and not worry about the whole picture. As far as making everything be proportional this technique works wonders. Doesn't take long and doesn't cost money. :)
That is a great tip!! Especially when wanting to try photo realism as well. I'm sure this will help a lot of people, it helped me when starting out!