For the Little People!



Sometimes it is nice, especially during the school holidays to do something with the kids and I see no reason why air brushing should not be enjoyed by all. OK, don't let them loose on your best stuff but I bet most here have some older or cheaper ABs around and with proper supervision and help, there is no reason why youngsters should not be able to do a T shirt or two or even just art on paper. While the following are very simple, they would encourage children to learn the basic techniques, without thinking about it or it being boring.

One of the easiest ways to get kids interested is with fast results. So I came up with an idea that uses simple oval stencils to fun effect. People tend to think of stencils as only being used for one specific purpose but this is not always the case.
Here I have come up with a sort of owl face, although since it is only the eyes (done with two sizes of oval) you could transform it into any cartoon animal face by adding dagger strokes for fur, whiskers etc.

The other is donut people. Starting at the head with one oval, then for the other parts of the body, overlap horizontal ovals and use a graduated fill.
The hands and feet are done in a similar way and lastly facial features are popped in.

I hope that some of you will think about encouraging your little ones in this creative pursuit, it would be rewarding, fun and you never know, maybe develop an artist of the future!P1060224.JPGP1060223.JPG
That is a great idea. I let my 3 yr old grand daughter "help" me when I get a chance to airbrush. It's been about 2 months since I have been able to touch the airbrush :(. This would be great to do with her. Thanks for the idea.
I let my kids and their friends paint when ever I get a chance,they love it. Should put those pictures in the pom.
I started both my boys young (5yrs old & 3yrs old), obviously my 3yr old wouldn't stay hooked up with it at that time but had to try but my 5yr old is now 10yrs old and really has a natural knack for it!! Below is a pic he airbrushed, I just did the layout for him on this shirt but he did all the painting and I made him mix the paints too!! Was very proud of him on this one. And just for the record, he doesn't have his mask on in the pic but I DO make him wear a mask, he didn't want to wear it for the pics.


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Yup, get them while they're young. I have worked with kids most of my adult life. The schools around here are very academic focused, and I think those who don't fit into that bracket and who aren't good at sports, don't get a chance to shine, or feel that they will never be good enough and give up trying, and maybe go off the rails a bit. I have a little dream to one day be able to give a free workshop or mini course to kids like this, and give them something to feel good about. Of course I need to learn properly myself first, and get a little stash of cash together Lol :) Art and kids is the best thing ever, love to see how their minds work.
I have been teaching my Neice who is now 11 and apart from reminding her where to go she does seem to have the knack. Plus she uses my good ab so she doesnt have any hassles.

I'm so glad to hear that there are youngsters out there being encouraged. When I was young, I had no artistic friends or family, I was on my own in that regard. Didn't even really learn to paint until I was an adult, although I always had a pencil in hand as a kid. Would you believe I did an A level art class and we didn't even get to use the decent paints?
I believe it. I didn't do art at school after the age of 12. Wanted to take it for O level, but was told there were too many people who wanted to do it, so I got put in a metal work class, which I would have loved, except that as a girl I was only allowed to sit in the corner, with a ball peen hammer and a circular piece of steel, to make an ashtray - for 2 years! The boys got to weld, and use torches and lathes and the forge. What a waste of time.
If I dont start to let my 9yr old boss lady airbrush again, im pretty sure she is gonna cut my hands off....BUT, in my own defense, she always asks me when I'm busy airbrushing...need to get another compressor, so she can work along side me