for those who stuggle with color



I just watch the demo and I think that this would be very helpful.. thanks for sharing

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I came up with a $17 cheaper way, it works the same in principle just print this chart and use itRGB_color_chart_by_ervis.jpg I do already own a color wheel but you can print one of those also. color-wheel-poster-judalena.jpg Just remember to use white and the complimentary color to tint. Watching the video just show how to use a color wheel it's just in a chart form. If you watch Mitch's video you will see a real good trick for matching color by cutting a slit in a piece of paper then comparing it to the color you are trying to match. I printed one of these out myself and plan on punching wholes in all the colors. Thaks for link Ran!!


wow even better, i was looking for a large format like that, now you have saved me the time, thanks

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Figured this would help every one out I thought $17 dollars for a pdf of a color wheel and chart was a little crazy. My artist color wheel was allot les than that.

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I'm still deciding but I think the guy has put some thought into his product. As an aside I think his other video on youtube about colout theory is well animated and a good starting point for anyone interested in colour theory, (warm, cool colours etc.) without getting too technical.


I don't think I'm that bad at mixing colors (not that good either lol) but I do tend to waste a lot of paint. This thing is going to be a much used tool in the arsenal :)
btw thanks ran for the heads up!!!


That was a great vid. I am just starting out on this process of colour exploration and mixing. Thanx


The download page says it is now $7 but if you buy it, it is $10. I did find in the site that it had been reduced to $10 so someone must have written $7 by mistake. Still a good looking tool for someone who has no idea of color mixing and is overwhelmed trying to learn many other things at the same time.