Forum hierarchy!



OK, I'm not the most observant of people but when did that happen? I've gone from being a' young tutorling' (haha, not been a young anything for a while!) to a 'double actioner' to a 'spider splatterer! ' Actually, that last one sounds more like a demotion! lol
I don't even bother to look to be honest, seems to be a complete waste of time ......:rolleyes:
booooooooo hisssssssssss killjoy! hehehee
SO! @ad fez Some one does read my posts ;)
Like I said mate, I really don't see what it's about? Mine says "Needle chuck ninja"? what's all that about lol ..... I suppose some people feel the need for a title?
I am just 'moderator' Lol, my ABing must be un title-able and probs not in a good way. I like the titles, just a litle giggle.
Doesn't show up on tapatalk so I don't even pay attention to it. I miss having the post counts shown for all users.

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